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Since 2014, abandoned mobile homes have been left to rot away at De Anza Cove, creating an eyesore for residents and visitors alike. It is also creating an environmental hazard as some of the remaining mobile homes are laden with asbestos and other hazardous chemicals.

Mission Bay RV Resort Wants to Clean This Up!

This summer, the California Coastal Commission will consider approval of a Coastal Development Permit (CDP)This CDP will allow Mission Bay Resort to move forward with:

  • Asbestos abatement and the safe removal of 169 unsightly abandoned mobile homes,
  • Clean-up of overgrown landscaping to create a more welcoming coastal surrounding,
  • Enhance affordable public access to the coastline,
  • Increase family-friendly recreational opportunities,
  • Protect the natural environment,
  • Add 150 interim campsites to De Anza Cove.


Tell the Coastal Commission you support this project by July 8, 2022!  This item is on the Coastal Commission July 13, Agenda item 20b.

Send your Email in support of the clean up effort.  We’ve made it easy.  The email is ready to go and you are welcome to add your comments with your name.  Use the button on left to send.  

Before De Anza Clean-up
After De Anza Clean-up
Before De Anza Clean-up
After De Anza Clean-up
Bike Path Before De Anza Clean-up
Bike Path After De Anza Clean-up

Support the De Anza Clean-Up & Improvement Project

Tell the CA Coastal Commission to Approve the Coastal Development Permit to Begin the Clean-Up.

Let’s get rid of the eyesore haunting Mission Bay since 2014.