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The City of San Diego is currently considering a master plan for Northeast Mission Bay, including Mission Bay Park.

We support a balanced approach . . .

what is at stake

The City of San Diego is working on a master plan for Northeast Mission Bay.  This plan includes what to do with:

  • De Anza Cove peninsula, the bike and pedestrian trails, and public beaches.
  • Camping at Campland on the Bay and Mission Bay RV Park.
  • Marina, Water sports rentals, and boat launch at Campland on the Bay.
  • Mission Bay Park.
  • Mission Bay Golf Course.
  • Mission Bay tennis courts.
  • Mission Bay Park and public boat launch.
  • Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve.
The City of San Diego has developed “The Natural Plan” which includes major changes to the area, far more wetlands, and less public access and camping.

Rewild Mission Bay is advocating a “Wildest Plan” which turns Northeast Mission Bay into marshland.


Mission Bay for All advocates for a balanced approach that includes public access, recreation, and camping.

Update on the Clean-up Project

Mission Bay RV Resort is ready to begin the De Anza Clean Up & Improvement project.  Approved by the City of San Diego on June 24, 2019, they’ve been trying to start the clean-up.

On July 13, 2022, the Coastal Development Permit was approved by the California Coastal Commission to remove the mobile homes.  This includes:

  • Asbestos abatement and the safe removal of 169 unsightly abandoned mobile homes,
  • Clean-up of overgrown landscaping to create a more welcoming coastal surrounding,
  • Enhance affordable public access to the coastline,
  • Increase family-friendly recreational opportunities,
  • Protect the natural environment,
  • Add 150 interim campsites to De Anza Cove.


Mission Bay RV Resort is now awaiting the receipt of the permit and any additional stipulations placed on the permit.  Once received and agreed to, Mission Bay RV Resort will begin the clean-up.

Before De Anza Clean-up
After De Anza Clean-up
Before De Anza Clean-up
After De Anza Clean-up
Bike Path Before De Anza Clean-up
Bike Path After De Anza Clean-up

De Anza Clean Up and Improvement Project

Since 1969, generations of campers have come to Mission Bay to camp.  The majority of campers are from San Diego and the surrounding area.  

Both Campland on the Bay and Mission Bay RV Resort offers family-friendly camping to one and all.  In 2019 the current management of Mission Bay Park pulled out of their contract, leaving the City in a jam.  They would either have to close Mission Bay RV Resort and refund millions of dollars in advanced camping reservations or find a new management company to step in quickly.

The City of San Diego asked the management of Campland on the Bay to take over management of Mission Bay RV Resort in 2019, Campland’s management offered a win-win proposal.  Campland on the Bay’s Management organization would clean up De Anza Cove, remediate the asbestos and safely remove 169 abandoned mobile homes and manage Mission Bay RV Resort.  They also agreed to repair and open up the bike/pedestrian trail around De Anza Cove. The overgrown landscaping would also be clean up.

In return, Mission Bay RV Resort would get a rent credit to help with the expenses and add 150 interim campsites to Mission Bay RV Resort.  This made sense as the infrastructure was already in place.

The City of San Diego unanimously agreed to the De Anza Clean-up and Improvement Project.  

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Join us in advocating a balanced approach for northeast Mission Bay.

Entrance sign to Mission Bay RV Resort