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The City of San Diego is currently considering a master plan for Northeast Mission Bay, including Mission Bay Park.

We support a balanced approach . . .

what is at stake

The City of San Diego is working on a master plan for Northeast Mission Bay.  This plan includes what to do with:

  • De Anza Cove peninsula, the bike and pedestrian trails, and public beaches.
  • Significant reduction in the amount of camping and the elimination of Campland on the Bay.
  • A ban on motorized boating in northeast Mission Bay. 
  • Reduction of Mission Bay Park and the removal of the public boat launch.
  • Size of Mission Bay Golf Course.
  • Pacific Beach Tennis Club.
  • Sports fields for youth.
  • Mission Bay Boat & Ski Club.
  • Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve and the Northern Preserve.
The City of San Diego has developed “The De Anza Natural Plan” which includes major changes to the area, far more wetlands, and less public access and camping.  Recently, a ban on motorized boating in northeast Mission Bay was added.
We are a group of concerned citizens and businesses banning together to make sure this plan is fully studied and that it includes the amenities best suited for the area.  Originally, Friends of Campland was actively voicing their opinions to save camping.  However, the De Anza Natural plan affects far more people than just the camping community.  Therefore, Mission Bay for All coalition was created.  
Please join us if you care about these issues.

Rewild Mission Bay is advocating a “Wildest Plan” which turns Northeast Mission Bay into marshland.

Mission Bay for All advocates for a balanced approach that includes public access, recreation, motorized boating, and camping.

Completion of the De Anza Clean-up & Improvement Project

Mission Bay RV Resort completed the De Anza Cleanup and Improvement Project in August 2023. 

On July 13, 2022, the Coastal Development Permit was approved by the California Coastal Commission to remove the mobile homes.  This included:

  • Asbestos abatement and the safe removal of 169 unsightly abandoned mobile homes,
  • Clean-up of overgrown landscaping to create a more welcoming coastal surrounding,
  • Enhanced affordable public access to the coastline,
  • Increased family-friendly recreational opportunities,
  • Protection of the natural environment,
  • Addition of 147 interim campsites to De Anza Cove.

On November 14, 2022, Mission Bay RV Resort began the remediation and removal of the abandoned mobile homes.  Following the removal, the landscape was cleaned up and the bicycle/pedestrian trails were repaired and improved. In July, 147 temporary RV and tent camping sites with full hookups were added to the northeast corner for additional low-cost accommodations on Mission Bay.  

This project is complete, and public access was greatly improved for De Anza Cove.  

Before De Anza Clean-up
After De Anza Clean-up
Before De Anza Clean-up
After De Anza Clean-up
Pool Before De Anza Clean-up
Pool After De Anza Clean-up
Bike Path Before Cleanup
Bike Path After Clean-up

Let your Voice be Heard

Join us in advocating a balanced approach for northeast Mission Bay.