Mission Bay
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Currently, watersports enthusiasts can enjoy boating throughout Mission Bay Park.  

The De Anza Natural Plan contemplates the removal of motorized boating from the De Anza Cove and the northeast section of Mission Bay Park.

This will drastically reduce the amount of boating allowed on the water.

The Marina at  Campland will cease to exist.  Adventure Watersports will not be allowed to operate in the area.

Let’s support retaining the current amount of boating available on Mission Bay.

Help us fight this motorized boating ban.  Send an email to city officials and let them know how you feel.  We’ve made it easy to do.

Imagine No motorized boating in Northeast Mission Bay . . .

Mission Bay Park was designed to be North America’s largest aquatic park. 

However, the De Anza Natural Plan calls for the banning of motorized boating in the Northeast section of Mission Bay Park.  There will be no water skiing, jet skiing, or motorized boating allowed near any wetlands.

We need boaters to speak up!  Sign up today.

Send An Email to City Officials

Campland Marina
Most plans eliminate the 120 slip marina and boat ramp.

Protect Motorized Boating on Mission Bay