Mission Bay
For All


Each year, teams convene at Northeast Mission Bay to play sports.  People crave playing fields for their favorite sports.

Would you like to see a plan that expands sports and recreation facilities?  Join us.

Northeast Mission Bay needs more sports facilities. All ages are looking for places to play their favorite sports or learn new ones.

  1. NO net loss of sports facilities! Study a plan that maintains or increases areas for sports to be played.

  1. Add an acquatic facility! Study a plan that adds a public pool and place for all ages to be able to swim.

We need to ensure there is plenty of room for sports and recreation for future generations. Join Us

playing volleyball outside

Add Aquatics

Protect Tennis & Golf

Environmental groups want the tennis and golf facilities to be turned into wetlands

Protect Sporting Facilities for Future Generations

Let your Voice be Heard

Stay up to date on the planning of Northeast Mission Bay.  Join our advocacy group.