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Help Determine the Future of Mission Bay.

The City of San Diego and local environmental and special interest groups are at work advocating for how Mission Bay will be redeveloped. A new master plan will be decided.

Help decide future plans and stay informed.


May 11 , 2022

The California Coastal Commission will rule on whether to approve a Coastal Development Permit for Mission Bay RV Resort.  The permit will allow the De Anza Clean-up and Improvement Plan to begin.  Finally the abandoned mobile homes could be removed if the permit is approved.   

January 14 , 2022

On Thursday, January 14, 2022, The City of San Diego released a new proposal for the future of Mission Bay – The Natural Plan. This proposal turns Campland into wetlands AND reduces the amount of camping available on Mission Bay. 

The public responded, providing input to the plan. 

June 24, 2019

The City of San Diego  in a unanimous decision approved the De Anza Cove Clean-up & Improvement Project.

This gave the green light for Mission Bay RV Resort to move forward with:

  • Removal of 169 abandoned mobile homes and remediate any asbestos.  
  • Repair and reopen the bike and pedestrian trail around De Anza Cove.
  • Clear out and maintain the landscaping.
  • Add 150 interim campsites in the Northeast corner of Mission Bay Park.