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Cleaning Up De Anza Cove

Removing the Abandoned Mobile Homes

Progress of the Mobile Homes

Since 2014, abandoned mobile homes have been left to rot away at De Anza Cove, creating an eyesore for residents and visitors alike. It is also creating an environmental hazard as some of the remaining mobile homes are laden with asbestos and other hazardous chemicals.

Mission Bay RV Resort is Cleaning This Up! 

On July 13, 2022, the California Coastal Commission approved the Coastal Development Permit (CDP).  Mission Bay Resort is almost completed the project, including:

  • Asbestos abatement and the safe removal of 169 unsightly abandoned mobile homes. (DONE)
  • Clean-up of overgrown landscaping to create a more welcoming coastal surrounding,
  • Enhance affordable public access to the coastline,
  • Increase family-friendly recreational opportunities,
  • Protect the natural environment,
  • Add 147 interim campsites to De Anza Cove.


What Took So Long?

As written in a Fox 5 News article, “Just next door on Mission Bay, a “dilapidated” development on De Anza Cove peninsula has “long blighted” the area, according to the company that operates Campland and the bordering Mission Bay RV Reosrt, Northeast MB LLC. It’s served as a long-running headache for the city of San Diego and the campgrounds, which agreed to clean it up back in 2019 but hit numerous snags in the process.

That included complications from the coronavirus pandemic and the threat of legal action from environmental groups, as the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Throughout a stop-and-start process of deciding what to do with the area, the San Diego Audubon Society and other groups pushed the city for plans to prioritize marshland restoration.

Last year, the California Coastal Commission raised concerns about the city’s original plan for cleaning up De Anza, sending Campland back to the drawing board before seeking a permit.”

ReWild San Diego, an environmental coalition pushing for more wetland restoration in the area, had urged its supporters to oppose the permit.

Northeast MB celebrated the approval decision saying the project brings “the region one step closer to ensuring a cleaner, more accessible coastline for all.

Stay informed of future plans for Northeast Mission Bay.  Let’s make sure they create a Mission Bay Park for all. 

Overhead view of present De Anza Cove
Current Condition of Abandoned De Anza Cove from above
overhead view of De Anza Cove after clean-up project
After: Rendering of Completed Clean-up & Improvement Project
De Anza mobile homes
Current Condition of Abandoned Mobile Homes
De Anza Clean-up project
After: Photo of interim camping added
Abandoned mobile homes
Current Condition of Abandoned Mobile Homes
De Anza clean up project
After: Photo of interim camping added
bike path before
Current Condition: Inaccessible bike and pedestrian trails in disrepair
de anza bike path after
After: Accessible repaired Bike & Pedestrian Trails
De Anza Cove pool
Pool Area Being Repaired by Mission Bay RV Resort
Mission Bay Rv Resort pool
After: Finshied Pool Area

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