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Mission Bay

Imagine No Boating

Mission Bay is the nation’s largest aquatic park.  Now picture it without motorized boating.

Save Boating on Mission Bay

The San Diego City Council will soon consider changes to Northeast Mission Bay Park, which could permanently restrict boating access as we know it today.

What’s at Stake

In its current form, the City’s proposed De Anza Natural Plan would result in an outright ban of motorized watercraft access to Northeast Mission Bay without proper studies or public input, and create an alarming precedent for hasty and unnecessary recreation bans in the Bay.

The Solution

More analysis and public input are crucial. Instead of sudden prohibitions, the City should engage in thoughtful analysis and consideration of sustainable measures seen in other areas of Mission Bay that protect both wildlife and recreational access!

Get Involved

We have three ways to get involved.

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Your support will help ensure that Mission Bay thrives for boaters, families and wildlife.

Thank you for speaking out and taking action!

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